KCBC | Who We Are
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Who We Are

About Team

Badminton has long been a favourite sport of Malaysians everywhere. Unlike the other favourite, football, badminton requires only a minimum of two persons, not 22. Thus, it has been the easiest and most enjoyable casual sport for millions of citizens.


With the growth of the nation and badminton, however, comes the need for greater support, coaching and development of the sport. This needs to take place not just on a national level, but on a community level. This is where Klang City Badminton Club (KCBC) International comes in.


KCBC International is comprised of a very passionate group of badminton veteran athletes and enthusiasts. KCBC International is professionally managed and trained by professional coaches. We consist of young and energetic players based in the historic town of Klang, serving the sport of badminton for the entire nation.