KCBC | Our Services
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Our Services

Our Services

KCBC International leads with excellent services that our members value.

Professional coaching

Club lounge

Club-owned facilities

Free training sessions exclusively for members

The most important service we provide is our professional coaching. Badminton facilities are not so hard to find, but KCBC International team’s combined experience and coaching insight is something truly unique to our club.


The badminton courts, changing rooms, showers and facilities at our club are top-rated, well maintained, comfortable and conducive to serious badminton training. Besides club-owned facilities, our facilities are provided in partnership with our venue partner, 89 Arena.


With our valuable experience and desirable facilities, we are proud to provide our members with complimentary badminton training at our club. This is a big attraction for casual players who wish to level-up in badminton and eventually become tournament champions.