KCBC | Our Mission,Vision and Strategy
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Our Mission,Vision and Strategy

Our Mission

The mission of KCBC International is to produce world class players who will compete in international badminton tournaments by 2020. Starting with the widespread existing interest in the national support of badminton, we organise on a community level to elevate the sport on a national level.


We do not stop at the recreational and personal health benefits of the sport, but we press on to produce players who will compete on the national level in internationally recognised tournaments.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to become the most well-known badminton club in Malaysia. To have top-of-mind recognition as the first name people think of when they think of badminton clubs. The name KCBC International will become synonymous with home-grown badminton champions. KCBC International will be known as the place to go to produce shuttlers of international standard in the Klang Valley, Malaysia and beyond.”

Our Strategy

Our strategy to achieving this is by focusing on professional standards of management and coaching. KCBC International is led by a team of veteran badminton players who are uniquely equipped to bring this national sport to the next level.


Endowed with a passion for badminton, championship skills and the know-how of transferring these to the next generation of players through expert coaching, our team at KCBC International are second to none.